Shocking death rate

Novel Coronavirus

Four new countries/territories/areas (French Polynesia, Turkey, Honduras and
Côte d’Ivoire) have reported cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.
• The Clinical Unit continues to convene clinicians around the globe, twice
weekly by teleconference (COVID-19 Clinical Network) to share knowledge
and experiences from clinicians caring for COVID-19 patients and highlight
operational challenges and technical questions. For more details, please see
‘subject in focus’.
• At the Member States information session held today, WHO Director-General
reiterated that countries should not give up on stopping the outbreak now
that WHO has characterized it as a pandemic. A shift from containment to
mitigation would be wrong and dangerous. This is a controllable pandemic.
For detailed information, please see here.
• On 11 March, ICAO and WHO issued a joint statement to reminding all
stakeholders of the importance of existing regulations and guidance. For more
information, please see here.
Figure 1. Countries, territories or areas with report


total and new cases in last 24
125 048 confirmed (6729 new)
4613 deaths (321 new)
80 981 confirmed (26 new)
3173 deaths (11 new)
Outside of China
44 067 confirmed (6703 new)
1440 deaths (310 new)
117 countries/territories/
areas (4 new)
China Very High
Regional Level Very High
Global Level Very High


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